Hi, I'm Virginia Magill.

I am a Primal Health Coach and a total health nerd. I love to dig into how the human body works, what makes us feel our best, and how we can use that knowledge to let us live our lives with energy, passion, and purpose. 

I am passionate about the Primal way of life because, quite honestly, it (along with help from  a  functional medicine doctor) gave me my life back. It brought me from a point of laying on my couch crying because I was so exhausted and fatigued that I couldn’t even make it up my stairs to go to bed, to losing 60 pounds of inflammation and putting my autoimmune disease in remission. I no longer fall asleep in my car in the grocery store parking lot (BEFORE going in to shop!). I was finally able to go on the epic adventures with my husband that I was so afraid that I would never be able to go on, and that I would hold him back from. 

I learned how to befriend my body, and work with it instead of against it . . . and through this process, I learned how to value myself and prioritize taking care of myself. It has made such a difference that I knew I wanted to help other people experience the same kind of transformation.

This is my passion, my purpose - to walk beside YOU as you regain your energy, align with your purpose, and clear the way to live your life with passion.