What is health and transformation coaching?

As a health and transformation coach, I am a wellness expert and behavior change specialist that supports, educates, motivates, and guides you through behavior and lifestyle changes that allows you to create an optimal version of health and a life filled with passion, purpose, and adventure.

It is my belief that the foundation for these changes begins with our health, and my superpower is to help you transition not into a “diet” or strict workout regimen, but a lifestyle that is simple and sustainable, that allows your genes to express your best version of health.

My job is to help you achieve your own self-determined health goals through a relationship of support. We will dig into your motivations, and help you get really clear on your “why” of why you want to be healthy. Beyond just the benefit of physical health or relief of symptoms, what would it mean for you? What would you do differently if you didn’t have to be focused on your health concerns? What dreams would you be able to fulfill? Travelling? Being fully present with your family? How will you feel?

We will examine beliefs that may be holding you back. Subconscious thoughts can sabotage our best intentions, and food and health is an area where there are a lot of stories that we tell ourselves that just aren’t true. For example, I will always be overweight, I’m destined to live with or die from this disease because it runs in my family, or that our bodies are broken and working against us. These mindset gremlins also stand in the way of personal growth. These thought patterns can lock us into repeating cycles of failure, and in order to break them we have to first identify them. As we work through these beliefs, your natural intuition and ability to really hear what your body is trying to communicate with you will increase, and that awareness affects all other areas of your life.

I will help you with accountability. At each session, we will work together to create an action plan of something you will be working towards. Starting on week two, you will get a check-in form to fill out before each session in which you will get to rate if your week was a success or not based on your intentions, and fill me in on why. This process is a part of the accountability, and it also helps us to focus our attention on any area that needs extra help. Anything you are excited about during the week, or struggling with? Send me a message.

I will offer guidance, education, and resources to help you understand how the human body works, and how we can use what humans have done for thousands of years to help bring balance and health to your life. This will be an assortment of things, but it is all a collection of knowledge that can be found publicly available in books or online that I curate for you based on your goals and progression from week to week. I will present the information to you, and what you decide to do with it is entirely in your control.  

The real magic of working with a coach is not the information or education we provide (although that is helpful, let's be realistic - you already have all the information you need at your fingertips with Google!). It is through learning how to apply that information to your life to create lasting change, and that's where the true value of coaching lies.

Health coaches cannot treat or diagnose and disease (either physical or mental) or prescribe any treatments or diets. It is always suggested that you work with your healthcare provider when making any lifestyle modifications.